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Sports have been part of our cultures for centuries going back to the first Olympic Games in the early 6th century.  No matter the location around the globe, no matter the sport, no matter the time in history, if a fight breaks out, people stop and take notice.  The corruption and decline of Boxing, along with the rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have propelled Mixed Martial Arts to a position of the fastest growing sport in the world.

Since 2004, Chicago based  X-Treme Fighting Organization (XFO) has been the leader in Regional MMA events holding over 200 professional and amateur events around the country.  During this time frame the XFO has sent over 140 professional fighters to major global organizations including the UFC and have been a stepping stone for some of the biggest names in the sport today.

UFC_FIGHTPASS_LOGO_FOn January 3, 2015 the UFC announced the XFO MMA library was going to be added to their online streaming service, UFC Fight Pass.  All XFO footage going back to 2004 as well as going forward will be housed exclusively on UFC Fight Pass starting in Spring of 2005.

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